Attention Current employees:
Open Enrollment Important note:
January 1 through February 29 with an
April 1st effective date
Your child may be covered for the voluntary vision insurance through the end of the year in which he/she turns age 26.

- If you have a dependent child that is over the age of 26 and needs to come off the coverage, please complete an enrollment form to T (term) them from the coverage and return it to

- If you have a dependent child that is over the age of 26 and is still a full time student, please forward a copy of their college schedule or information from the college verifying that they are a full time student to to keep them on the coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I enroll or make changes to the voluntary vision benefits?

  • New Hire – you can enroll in the voluntary vision benefits within the first 30 days of being hired. Your effective date would be the first of the month following 30 days of employment.
  • Qualifying Event – you can enroll or make changes to your voluntary vision benefits within 30 days of a qualifying event (marriage, divorce, birth of a child, loss of coverage, etc.).
  • Open Enrollment – open enrollment for the voluntary vision coverage runs every year from January 1st to February 28th with the benefits beginning on April 1st.

Accessing the benefits:

Avesis: The benefits reset each plan year. An employee can use the benefits at any point from 4/1 to 3/31, and then the benefit will reset and be eligible again 4/1.

EyeMed: The benefits can be used once per calendar year. If you use the benefits in June of 2019 then you can use that same benefit again after January 1, 2020.

Are stepchildren considered eligible dependents?

Yes, stepchildren are considered eligible dependents.

Can my dependent children stay on the coverage until age 26?

Yes, your dependent children can be on the voluntary vision coverage until age 26.

When do my dependent children come off the coverage?

Dependent children come off the coverage at the end of the year in which they turn 26. However, the deductions cannot be changed until we have an enrollment/change form from you to make the change. The form can be found at

Can my dependent children stay on the coverage after age 26?

If your dependent child is disabled or a full-time student, they can stay on the coverage. We would need documentation to confirm the disability or the full-time status.

How do I find providers in my area?

Provider Search
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EyeMed / Delta Vision (Insight Network)
Find a Provider
DeltaVision Providers – Insight Network

If I want to cancel my coverage can I do this at any time?

No, you can only cancel your coverage during the open enrollment period. The open enrollment period is during the months of January and February for an effective date of April 1st.

Am I able to take the coverage with me if I leave employment?

The voluntary vision benefits currently needs to be paid by payroll deduction, so you are not able to take this plan with you. We can, however, offer you either a discount program or an individual policy that would pay through EFT. Contact our office at for further information.

Can two employees who are married fall under only one plan, or would they each have to have their own plans?

They can be on one plan as employee/spouse coverage.

Open Enrollment

The open enrollment period is every year during the months of January and February for an April 1st effective date.

The voluntary vision coverage is continuous so if you are presently enrolled in either plan and are not making any changes or terminating coverage, the coverage will continue from year to year. You do not need to complete a new enrollment form each year.

If an employee elects to move from one plan to the other during the open enrollment period, an enrollment/change form is needed to cancel their current coverage and a new enrollment form is requested to move the other plan.

Address Changes

If you have an address change, please send an email or an updated enrollment/change for to with new address.